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New Copeland Variable speed compressor

Next to Rotary this is the highest efficiency compressor out

Copeland Scroll Variable Speed Compressor

A Blend of Insight and Innovation

There`s a time-tested reason why you`ve come to trust Copeland ScrollŽ compressors like no others on the market. It`s because at Emerson Climate Technologies the innovation and improvement never stops. Our latest breakthrough technology? Variable speed compressors that deliver new level of heating efficiency and comfort for residential heat pumps.

Unmatched Performance & Efficiency

Emerson`s new Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors are optimized for high efficiency (18+SEER) air conditioning and heat pump applications. Our newest compressor technology innovation delivers superior system performance, including:

* Up to 60% capacity reduction turndown
* Nearly 60% overspeed capability
* Up to 30% greater HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) efficiency than today`s best heat pumps
* The ability to constantly maintain a warm air supply - even during low ambient winter conditions

The unmatched performance of Copeland Scroll Variable Speed adds up to nearly $500 in annual energy cost savings for homeowners over traditional heat pumps.

A Platform of Quality

Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors continue the rich tradition of our proven platform. With more than 23 years of scroll experience and expertise - in more than 80 million installations around the world - Emerson is the recognized leader in quality and reliability.

More Confidence. More Control.

That tradition of quality and reliability goes right to your bottom line too. Your business success rests on your reputation. And your reputation rests on your ability to provide your customers with the most efficient, most reliable, most cost-effective technology available anywhere.

Copeland Scroll variable speed compressors let you deliver that technology promise. With integrated electronics and built-in compressor protection and diagnostics - our variable speed technology provides year round comfort that homeowners will appreciate.


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