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Things to consider before buying a pool heater

Rome pool heater tips

First and foremost, a pool heater is a long-term investment. The most important factors to consider are:

* Initial price (including installation): Did you know that some fossil fuel heaters such as natural gas heaters, though the heater is lower priced than a heat pump, can cost $1000 to $2000 more to install than a heat pump?
* Operating costs: Did you know that fossil fuel heaters (natural gas, propane and oil fired) cost 4-5 times more to heat your pool than a heat pump? Contact us for details.
* Ease of operation and maintenance.
* Product life expectancy: Did you know that the life expectancy of a heat pump is twice that of a fossil fuel heater?
* Attractive, durable design: Does the heater compliment your pool/patio design?

Look to your pool dealer to give you the proper pool heating solutions. More and more dealers and pool owners are choosing heat pumps.

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What is a swimming pool heat pump and how does it compare to other pool heaters?

A swimming pool heat pump removes "FREE HEAT" from the air and transfers it to the refrigerant via an evaporator. The heated refrigerant passes through the heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the pool water. The main reason heat pumps are becoming so popular is that they are efficient and effective, offering very significant operating cost savings compared to fossil fuel heaters.
Why are leading pool dealers choosing heat pumps?

* They WORK!!
* Pool owners want them because:
o Heat pumps save them money (lots of it)
o Heat pumps are safe and easy to operate
o Heat pumps last longer than fossil fuel heaters
o Heat pumps give them warm water affordably, throughout the season, whenever they want it

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How do Rome Heat Pumps compare with other heat pumps?

With over 30 years of heat pump pool heater design experience, Rome Heat Pumps are built to outperform the competition. Advanced micro-computer technology and exclusive design features result in 25% more heating performance than other leading heat pumps. Unlike most other heat pump pool heaters, which use off-the-shelf components, Rome Industries uses components specifically designed for optimum performance. This means higher efficiency and lower operating costs than competitive heat pumps. All Rome Heat Pump pool heaters are equipped with our Turboguard heat exchanger for long life and high performance. In addition, with its unique micro-computer technology, Rome heat pumps operate most cost-effectively throughout the full range of operating conditions, significantly outperforming the competition in the critical 40-60 degree air temperature range. Rome Heat Pumps are the #1 choice of leading pool builders.

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What does the Rome Heat Pump micro-computer control offer?

Our design team was the first to incorporate micro-computer technology into heat pump pool heaters in 1989. With more than 15 years of experience, our Rome Heat Pump heaters are equipped with the most advanced and most reliable micro-computer technology in the industry.

Micro-computer technology incorporated into the Rome Heat Pump pool heaters means the most advanced, efficient pool heaters available. Our micro-computer controlled heater is quiet and simple to operate, yet provides state-of-the-art design and operating capabilities. Water temperature is precisely controlled and the programmed micro-computer automatically monitors and adjusts the operation for peak performance at all temperatures and conditions. The result is the lowest operating cost to heat your pool water (20-30% lower than other heat pumps, 60% lower than natural gas heaters and 80% lower than propane).

Unlike most competitive heat pumps who have only recently incorporated basic digital technology (some are no more than a simple LED temperature display), our micro-computer technology is advanced, time tested and proven in tens of thousands of heat pumps operating in backyards throughout the United States. Our unique technology allows us to program our control boards to give you the most effective and efficient operation through a full range of operating conditions.

The result is a heat pump that outperforms the competition by 20-30%. Donít be fooled by lower priced options, our micro-computer controlled heat pumps will save you thousands of dollars during its life expectancy.
Our micro-computer technology gives Rome Heat Pump heaters the following advantages:

* More heat, lower operating cost
* More performance than the competition
* A true programmed micro-computer control (not just an LED display)
* Reliability and experience the competition doesnít have...with 15+ years of proven experience and happy pool owners, you can trust our technology
* Simple and precise operation
* Equipped with built-in service analyzers to insure problem-free operation
* Rome Heat Pumps heat your pool for 1/3 the cost of natural gas and 1/5 the cost of propane

Rome Heat Pumps micro-computer technology and exclusive design features guarantees that your Rome Heat Pump pool heater will be efficient, reliable and economical. Years of experience insures trouble-free pool heating performance and satisfaction.

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What does the Rome Titanium heat exchanger offer?

What is Turboguard?

Turboguard is the trade name for the specially designed heat exchanger used in Rome Heat Pump pool heaters. The name reflects (2) key aspects of the heat exchanger`s design. "Turbo" reflects the enhanced surface turbo action of the water and Freon in the heat exchanger and "guard" reflects the nature of the fusion blended alloy material used to guard against or prevent corrosion of the heat exchanger.

What is enhanced surface tubing?
Enhanced surface tubing is a twisted tube as opposed to standard round tube. It has two major advantages over standard round tube as follows:

* 3-4 times the surface area over a given length versus standard round tube (more surface area equals more heat transfer and a more compact design). More heat transfer equals more efficiency which equals lower operating costs for the pool owner.
* Turbulating action of the water as it swirls around the twisted tube (water simply passes over round tube in a straight line). The turbulating action of the water increases heat transfer and acts as a self cleaning mechanism, eliminating scale and corrosion on the surface of the tube. The net result is significantly lower operating costs.

Titanium Advantages

* Designed and developed for the best performance and highest efficiency in the industry
* Enhanced surface tubing design
* Long lasting with A LIFETIME heat exchanger warranty to back it up
* Better than titanium...all the benefits without the negatives associated with titanium
* The next generation of heat exchangers

Please note: We strongly recommend that you check your water balance weekly and visit your pool professional regularly. Good water balance is easy to maintain. Though our Titanium heat exchanger is designed to withstand pool water that is out of balance, bad water chemistry can cause damage to or failure of other equipment on your pool. Most importantly, poorly maintained pool water is unhealthy for you, your family and your friends using your pool.

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What size Rome Heater is required for my pool?

Click here to find the right size Rome heater for your pool and see how much a Rome Heat Pump can save you at the same time.

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Can you prove that the Rome Heat Pump is economical?

Yes. Contact us to find out how much you can save.

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Is it easy to operate?

YES. Set it and forget it! With an easy-to-use keypad, all you have to do is program the desired temperature onto the control panel. Rome Heat Pumps will do the rest. View Demo

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Is it difficult to install?

Not for your Rome dealer. A Rome heat pump heater can be installed by your Rome professional quickly and easily.

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Should a solar blanket be used?

It is not necessary to use a solar blanket. Because the Rome Heat Pump is so much more efficient than competitive heat pumps it can effectively heat pools that the competition can`t. Many pool owners, particularly those with free form pools, effectively heat their pools with heat pumps without a solar blanket. The regular use of a solar blanket will eliminate evaporative heat loss and can reduce heating costs by as much as 50%.

If you`re like most pool owners who don`t want to deal with the on and off hassle of solar blankets, a new option is liquid solar blanket which is simply poured into the pool and can effectively reduce pool heating costs by 15 - 25%.

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Will the Rome Heat Pump ever need more refrigerant?

No. Unless the Rome Heat Pump has a leak in the sealed refrigeration system, the factory charge of refrigerant should last for the life of the unit. Refrigerant is very stable and should not degrade or breakdown even under severe operating conditions.

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What about service?

Our units are built to operate reliably and effectively for many years. However in the instance when service is required, it is performed by our own factory-trained personnel. Our own people are familiar, not only with the unit, but also with the dealer who sold the heater, insuring a happy satisfied customer. Click here for our service sheet

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What about a warranty?
# Click here for Warranty information

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Will a Rome Heat Pump heat a pool and spa at the same time?

Every Rome heat pump comes standard with a dual pool/spa thermostat and will heat both your pool and spa either automatically or manually. Rome heat pumps have the capability to heat your pool to 95 degrees or your spa to 104 degrees.

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What is 24 hour auto heat?

24 hour auto heat is a feature that efficiently maintains your desired pool temperature 24 hours a day. It eliminates the need for an old time clock, replacing it with its own integrated filter/pump controller. The system divides your programmed filter pump run time into six (6) equal periods, this allows the Rome Heat Pump to sample the water temperature and add heat if needed keeping your desired pool temperature precisely where you want it.

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Where do I find my serial and model number?

The serial number will either be located on the top right hand corner of the unit, or the lower left corner on the base. It will be found on a blue and silver listing sticker. The model number is located on the blue dataplate sticker on the front of the unit.

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