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Amana Heating and Air Conditioning Products


Amana Heating and Air Conditioning has a long and illustrious history, and is indeed a company whose products you can depend on. As Amana's slogan says, Amana 'Lasts and lasts and lasts', and this has been true since 1934. Integrity Air & Heat Inc. is dedicated to bringing its customers only the best, in both products and service, and we know that you will be able to depend on an Amana product. Amana's products and Integrity Air & Heat Inc.'s installation and servicing is an unbeatable combination.


Amana was founded in 1934 in the small town of Amana, Iowa, when Amana native George Foerstner needed a reliable beverage cooler. After a dedicated period of development, Foerstner hit upon the perfect design for his cooler, and Amana was born. Two years later, the company broke new ground with its innovative walk-in beverage cooler, also known as the cold storage locker. This rapidly became indispensable to cafes, restaurants and grocery stores nationwide, and Amana was here to stay. The standard of quality and craftsmanship in all Amana products ensured that Amana was firmly cemented as the leader in the refrigeration industry, setting the standards in both innovation and quality.

When the US joined World War II, all production shifted to support the war effort, and Amana was no exception. Amana received an Army-Navy 'E' Award for Excellence, in recognition of its supply of the highest quality walk-in refrigeration units to the military throughout the war.

At the end of the war, Amana was free to return to product innovation. The company branched out from refrigeration into heating, and began to develop the highest quality, most innovative heating and air conditioning systems on the market. Perhaps surprisingly, the first portable, counter-top microwave oven was an Amana innovation, known as the Amana Radarange. Amana is one of the few companies that have become an American institution, and revolutionized the lives of millions of Americans nationwide.

Why Choose Amana?

Today, Amana is still dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality air conditioning and heating products on the market, as well as continuing to develop innovative new refrigeration, air conditioning and heating solutions. Amana's new, highly effective air filter dryers and revolutionary Million-Air heat pump are just a few examples. Amana is proud to be an American company, and all Amana products are designed and built in the U.S. in Amana's facilities in Texas and Tennessee.

Energy efficiency and environmental concerns are a key issue in the heating and cooling industry nowadays. True to its heritage of innovation at the leading edge of the field, Amana's current product range is highly energy efficient, and is constructed with environmental considerations in mind; for example using only chlorine-free refrigerant. Not only are Amana's products as environmentally-friendly as possible, the high energy efficiency will also make sure you save money on heating and cooling, and can keep your home or business comfortable for the lowest possible cost.

Amana doesn't just build high quality heating and cooling systems, the company also offers what it believes to be the best product warranty in the industry. Again, Amana is setting the standard for all others to follow. Let's take a look at Amana's current product line, which Integrity Air & Heat Inc. is proud to offer throughout the Brevard county area, and see how Amana products can benefit your home's comfort.

Amana Domestic Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems

Amana offers a broad variety of domestic air-conditioning and heating systems, suitable for homes of all sizes. Amana air-conditioning systems are EnergyStar rated, and all units come with a Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty and a Ten-Year Warranty on the remaining parts. This means that if the compressor of an Amana air-conditioning system ever fails, a new one will immediately be provided to the original purchaser, as long as they still live in the same residence. This industry-leading warranty offers outstanding peace of mind.

The efficiency of Amana air-conditioning systems is rated according to the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) system. The SEER rating is calculated as the cooling output on a typical day, divided by the total electrical input for the day. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit, as it provides more cooling for less electricity consumption. Amana domestic air-conditioning systems have SEER ratings from 13 to 18.

Other exceptional features of Amana air-conditioning systems are that each one is factory test-run before shipping to customers, and all units are specially engineered for quiet operation. Amana air-conditioning units therefore offer maximum peace of mind, quiet operation and minimal operating costs, all at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Amana also offers a full range of heat pump systems, which provide both heating and cooling to your home. Like the air-conditioning systems, Amana heat pump systems are SEER rated for energy efficiency, include a Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranty and Ten-Year Parts Warranty and are EnergyStar rated. With an Amana heat pump system and Integrity Air & Heat Inc.'s installation and servicing, you are completely guaranteed peace of mind.

Amana heat pump systems include multi-speed, quiet condenser fan motors, multiple diagnostic indicator lights and built-in, expanded ComfortAlert diagnostics. Systems include enhanced temperature and humidity control, Amana's innovative, factory-installed filter dryers, chlorine-free refrigerant and proven Amana quality and durability.

Are you tired of your gas furnace starting off at top-speed, causing that annoying cold-air blow before the heating starts? With an Amana gas furnace, cold air will be history all Amana gas furnaces are multi-speed, so the furnace slowly ramps up to your thermostat setting instead of starting at full speed, and cold air blow is greatly alleviated.

Amana gas furnaces are rated for energy efficiency according to the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) system (pronounced A-few), which is the most accurate guide to how much power a heating system consumes. Amana high efficiency gas furnaces range from 92.1-95% AFUE, a much higher rating than conventional gas heaters, which have an average of 55-65% AFUE rating, and will save you money year after year. Amana also offers a standard energy-efficiency range of gas heaters, with an AFUE of 80%, which means that $.80 out of every $1.00 you spend on heating energy is used to warm your home.

Again, all Amana domestic heating units come with the famous Amana Lifetime Unit Replacement Warranty, so if your unit's heat exchanger ever fails while you live in your home, Amana will provide you a new one free of charge.

Amana Commercial Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems

Amana offers several commercial-grade air-conditioning units for commercial use. These come with a Five-Year Parts Limited Warranty, and many features particularly useful in commercial settings, for example a raised base pan for excellent water drainage and protection of the coil from accumulation of debris.

Amana also offers a range of commercial-grade heating systems, packaged air conditioners and heat pumps and air handlers, all of which include the Amana Five-Year Parts Warranty. Amana air handlers are available as wall or ceiling mounted units, and galvanized steel construction with fiberglass blanket insulation ensures the quietest possible operating sound levels.

Integrity Air & Heat Inc. Is Ready When You Are

Contact Integrity Air & Heat Inc. today to learn more about Amana heating and air-conditioning systems, and how they could benefit your home or business. Integrity Air & Heat Inc.'s experienced, dedicated heating and air-conditioning engineers and technicians will be delighted to assist you with all your installation and servicing needs, throughout the Brevard county area.