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The City of Cocoa, Florida

Cocoa Heating and Air Conditioning Sales, Service, and Repair

The area was founded by fishermen with the first families arriving around 1860. The first name of the new settlement made in 1882 was "Indian River City" on land owned by Captain R. A. Hardee. The name Indian River City was unacceptable to the Postal Authorities who claimed it was too long for use on a postmark. By 1884 the name Cocoa had become permanent name. The city's first commercial building was erected around 1881. The S. F. Travis Hardware store was opened in 1885 and remains open today.

Cocoa is the largest supplier of water in the county. The city provides water not only to its residents but to surrounding cities and towns and county at a premium. The city stores about 500,000,000 gallons of water underground using aquifer storage and recovery technology.

Cocoa is home of the Cocoa High School Tigers' Football team who have won their division state championship for 2008, 2009, and 2010. The Comedian "Carrot Top" also heralds from the city.


When you think of Cocoa, you have to think hot and humid. To live or work in Cocoa, a good and reliable air conditioning system is a must. But with one's a/c systems you never know when it will not be there for you, because stuff happens. Hurricanes, power outages, mold, mildew, snakes, insects, or neglected maintenance is part of the "stuff". And when this "stuff" happens you need a professional, dependable company with expert technicians for quality air conditioning repair in Cocoa. Our trained service technicians can perform any type of maintenance in Cocoa necessary to keep your a/c running as efficiently as possible and to prolong the life of your equipment.

And when you do have to think of air conditioning repair or air conditioning replacement in Cocoa, whether it's your home or business, in Cocoa call Integrity Air & Heat to make you comfortable again. Integrity Air & Heat can provide you with a free estimate for replacement of your air conditioning system. If you live in the Cocoa area and you have an older central air conditioning system, consider upgrading to a high efficiency air conditioner to cut down on your electricity bills. Be sure to ask how you can take advantage of the new $500 tax credit program.

And for those days where heat is needed in Cocoa, it's time to upgrade from that old oil furnace to either a new gas furnace or a heat pump system. It's time to do away with kerosene heaters and replace them with new high energy efficient heating systems.

For those who aren't using a modern central AC system, and would like to enjoy the benefits of whole house air conditioning rather that using window units, Integrity Air & Heat is your company for air conditioner upgrades. We can install the ductwork necessary to do a central a/c system but if you have limited room think about a ductless Mitsubishi Mini-split unit.

If it's one of those hot humid Florida days and your air conditioner isn't cooling you like it should, don't sweat it - give us a call! Integrity Air & Heat provides service in Cocoa and repairs in Cocoa on residential and commercial air conditioning systems.

Integrity's air conditioning specialists can help solve any home cooling problem, heating problem, or air quality problem you might have. We offer a wide variety of energy saving options.

If you're looking for pool heater repair in Cocoa or spa heater repair in Cocoa, call Integrity Air & Heat to help get you back in the water again.

In Cocoa call Integrity Air & Heat to find out how WE can bless YOU.