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Pool Heaters

Pool Heaters

Home pools abound in Florida, and if you are one of the lucky families that own one, have you ever considered installing a pool heater as a simple, cost-effective addition that could dramatically enhance your family's enjoyment of your pool, as well as boosting your property's value?

Pool Heaters

Why do you need a pool heater?

Florida is the perfect state for a home pool, and more and more home owners are discovering the fun and health benefits of having their own pool. Whether you are an adult who swims for the health and weight-control benefits, or have a family with children who enjoy playing in the water, everyone loves the pool. But at some point everyone also experiences that unpleasant sensation of freezing when you first get in the water, or goes to enter the water only to find that it is too cold for pleasant use. If you are already going to the time and expense of maintaining a pool, why not make the experience that much more enjoyable by installing an efficient pool heater? A pool heater will both increase your comfort in the water, and extend the period of the year during which you can use your pool. In some locations in Florida, a pool heater may even mean that you can use your pool year-round!

Of course, a pool is also a feature that enhances the value of your property, and a pool heater will only increase this. If you use your property for vacation rentals, a pool is an important selling point, and a pool heater that allows potential vacationers to use the pool through more months of the year can significantly improve your income from the property.

Pool heaters can be installed for both above-ground and in-ground pools, and they are actually very simple to use. Just like your home heating system, they can be set to come on when the water temperature falls below a set point, and will automatically cut off once the desired temperature is reached. Integrity Air and Heat Inc. will ensure that your pool heater is properly installed and set up for immediate use, and explain to you exactly how to operate the heater for maximum efficiency at least cost.

Different Types of Pool Heaters

Pool heaters run on either gas, oil or electric power. Your choice of fuel will depend on whether or not you already have gas or oil installed at your property, and your personal preference.

Gas Pool Heaters

Gas heaters can operate on the natural gas that you may already have available at your home, or propane gas that needs to be delivered to you and stored in a dedicated tank. Gas heaters are basically a gas flame and a heat exchanger. Water from your pool is pumped into the heat exchanger, where it increases in temperature due to the heat from the gas flame. With repeated cycles through the heat exchanger, the pool water gradually increases to your desired temperature. The water coming out of the gas pool heater therefore just feels warm, not uncomfortably hot, as the heating is a gradual process. Gas heaters range in efficiency from around 80-95%, and Integrity Air and Heat Inc. will be delighted to guide you in your selection of the most suitable gas heater for your particular circumstances.

Oil-fired Pool Heaters

Oil-fired pool heaters are increasing in popularity among home owners who already have oil for their home heating requirements. Oil-fired pool heaters can run on either diesel fuel or home heating oil, whichever your current home heating system uses. This is not a common option in Florida as it is not cold enough in the winter for most homes to have oil-fired heating systems. If you do have oil heat, Integrity Air and Heat Inc. will be delighted to guide you in your selection of the most suitable oil-fired pool heater for your particular circumstances.

Electric Pool Heaters

Electric heaters are really only used to heat spas or swim-spas with less than around 1,000 gallons of water, as their high cost is prohibitive for use in a swimming pool. Electric heaters work on the same principle as a gas heater, but the heat source is an electric element that heats water flowing through the heat exchanger. Although electric heaters can be very efficient, they will always be more expensive than gas or oil heaters due to the high cost of electricity. Integrity Air and Heat Inc. will be delighted to guide you in your selection of the most suitable electric heater for your particular spa or swim-spa.

How much will a pool heater cost?

There are many variables that affect how much it will cost to heat your pool. Obviously, the larger the pool the higher the cost, but the desired increase in temperature and even the prevailing wind in your location will also affect the cost. To have an accurate estimate of how much it will cost to heat your pool, just give Integrity Air and Heat Inc. a call today, and one of our experienced, professional technicians will be glad to advise you.

It is important to remember that you can significantly reduce your pool heating costs by investing in a solar blanket for your pool. A solar blanket is a retractable cover for your pool, that has a texture like bubble wrap used in packaging. It traps heat from the sun's rays and keeps your heated water's heat from escaping, therefore significantly reducing your pool heating costs. A solar blanket also has the added advantage of being a physical cover preventing leaves and other debris from accumulating in your pool, and the reduced water evaporation can allow you to reduce your pool chemical usage by up to an incredible 50%, again saving you money!

Pool Heater Installation

Perhaps surprisingly, pool heaters are actually relatively simple to install, and someone who is fairly proficient at home maintenance projects should be able to install a pool heater by themself. However, this does not mean that the home do-it-yourselfer actually should install their own pool heater! It is much better to let an expert from Integrity Air and Heat Inc. guide you through the pool heater selection and installation process.

Why is this? Choosing the appropriate size of a pool heater depends on numerous variables and needs to be calculated through complex equations, based on your pool's size, wind conditions, sun exposure, desired water temperature, patterns of heater use, heater efficiency, whether your pool is above-ground or in-ground and more. Only an experienced, trained technician who has actually visited your home will be able to correctly advise on the most appropriate heater for your pool. Buying the wrong heater will dramatically increase your pool heating costs, and no one wants to install a pool heater, only to have to replace it later!

Also, whether working with gas, oil or electricity, safety considerations are paramount, both for your safety during installation and your family's safety later. A pool heater can be installed indoors or outside; if indoors, it needs correct venting to dissipate heat and emissions. You will need to choose between a power vent hood and a built-in fan system. Different systems are appropriate for different environments, and a skilled technician will be able to ensure that you have the best, safest solution for your unique situation. If the heater is installed outside, it requires appropriate footing and installation of an appropriate model to withstand the elements. Again, a trained Integrity Air and Heat Inc. technician will be able to ensure that your pool heater is correctly installed and the most suitable, efficient model is used for your particular requirements.

Contact us today to see how your pool and family could benefit from a pool heater, and start enjoying your pool more and for longer throughout the year!